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5 Most Frequently Asked Land Clearing Questions.

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As a professional land clearing company, we often get asked similar questions related to the clearing services we provide. These questions typically vary from the clearing equipment we utilize on the job site to the cost or price to remove unwanted vegetation.

With our initiative of providing our local customers with the best professional service, we have logged 5 of the most questions we receive. In the following article, we will provide answers to these questions.

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    How much does clearing a 1-acre parcel of land cost?
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    The first thing we often hear when someone calls asking for land clearing prices is, "How much will it cost? We keep costs down by giving the best guestimates over the phone rather than spending a day driving and fuel to provide an onsite estimate. It can cost a little more than the typical tree and brush removal service. Likewise, It can require a labor-intensive process that requires extensive equipment and intensive gear to be used. The number of people or workforce needed to complete the job can also affect the job's overall cost.

    While pricing is completely dependent on the job, the average cost for land clearing ranges between $1,000 – $500,000. Several cost factors affect the bottom line when land clearing. Land clearing costs depend on whether the parcel is flat, sloped, grassy, brushy, lightly wooded, heavily forested, or a combination of these conditions. Permits can cost anywhere from $50 to $250, and if a land survey is needed, it will add another cost to the overall project.

    The truth is you can ask a land clearing company for a free estimate or ask multiple companies to quote the average cost before making your choice. The cost of land clearing often varies. It is often relative to the size of the project and the specifics of what goes along with it. It is imperative to get several quotes for the job to have a general idea of the cost. It helps you to be informed whether a company is not experienced, charging too little for the job, or padding the bill. Likewise, if applicable, make sure the quotes include the cost of labor, equipment, debris removal, and dumping fees.

    Land clearing cost isn't quite as simple as a flat rate per square foot. Likewise, every project will require different types of work and various permits and land surveys. We are happy to help you review bids from other local companies to ensure we provide you receive the best price estimate for the job requirement.

    How long does it take to clear a 1-acre parcel of land?

    In our experience, we have found that answering this question requires a few key insights. The time required to clear 1 acre, 5 acres, or 10 acres varies regardless of size. Heavily wood sites, sites with low-lying wet areas, or other obstructions are considered when providing a project timeline.

    With tons of unique projects under our belt, you can rely on our longstanding track record and enjoy peace of mind knowing there's no project too big or too small. Before each project we take on, we analyze the property and determine the time commitment. This ensures that we maintain progress within our operational means and do not take too long to promptly finish.

    We are passionate about our mission of creating sustainable land for the long-term benefits of the local community. Our team of seasoned machine operators can take back control of land where trees and underbrush have been left unmaintained for too long. Our goal at L.W. Outdoors is focused on the establishment of long-term relationships with all our customers. We can be the dependable resource you need, from property development/land clearing to tree management and monitoring.

    Learn more about why we are considered to be one of the best land clearing companies in Volusia. Our professional expertise, local know-how, and genuine passion for providing dependable, long-lasting results for your property are what make us a clear choice.

    Does clearing land increase property value?

    Land clearing is often referred to as an easy way to maintain your property. Furthermore, it increases its aesthetics and adds value over time. Clearing land, overgrown brush, and unsightly trees are known to increase property value. By opening up and increasing land use potential, the property will be more attractive to prospective buyers.

    Understanding how much the value increases depends on the difference before and after the project. For homeowners who own a large area of unmaintained land, clearing out the overgrowth can enlarge the property's feel, giving them an increased sense of value and aesthetic enjoyment.

    At L.W. Outdoors, we also provide forestry mulching services that can further increase property values, beautify, and protect the environment. The end result is an environmentally-friendly process that ultimately enhances your property's aesthetic appearance.

    Can you clear land yourself?
    What are the benefits of hiring a land clearing company vs. clearing land yourself?

    It's highly recommended that you don't try to clear the land yourself unless you're prepared for the costs and time investment. Multiple factors affect the scope of a land clearing project. For example, debris removal may be required as well as other finishing tasks such as grading. Not to mention, before a project commences, locating utilities and whether you need a permit or survey is vital. Additional costs that are often overlooked by those that take the do-it-yourself method include supplies and materials.

    Why go in it alone? Talk to us today. Learn more about the environmentally sensitive and cost-efficient practices we follow to clear land. Our professional team makes a big difference that is not only seen but felt. We are happy to answer the call, questions and discuss your project.

    Are land clearing costs tax-deductible?

    In our experience, we have found this to be true in certain situations. However, as a general rule of thumb, it's always recommended to check with your local county officials. They will be able to advise if land clearing expenses for your project can be tax-deductible.

    Likewise, certain land clearing expenses for agricultural use may be tax-deductible. As such, before starting, we encourage you to discuss your land improvement write-off options with your certified tax advisor.

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