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As a land clearing contractor in New Smyrna, we have extensive landscaping and construction experience. We often work with private land owners who hire us to clear all the land for winter. Many of the "newer" properties in the area, especially those built in the past ten years, have a lot of landscaped land that is still unsold. Not only is unsold land costing money in terms of maintenance and upkeep, but there is also the cost of staging that needs to be done.

All property needs to be staged to make it ready for sale. But some parts of the property, especially in the newer areas, are still in little use. So as a landing clearing company, we come in and take out all the bushes, shrubs, and even overgrown or dead plants. We then bring in backhoes, pickaxes, rippers, and anything else that will help the job. Our contractors are very experienced at clearing all the clutter from a beach frontage, and we do an excellent job.

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    There are a few different ways to perform land clearing on a beach frontage. It depends on what part of the beach the property is on. But generally speaking, the land is cleared to prepare for construction. We work with other contractors to remove all large rocks and topsoil from the area. This leaves the property in an almost natural state.

    Once the property is clear and the work is completed, the landowner can sit back and enjoy the added space provided by the clearing. After the job is done, there will be much less overgrown brush obstructing your view. You can also enjoy the added space that the property will bring to your home or property.

    Getting rid of that overgrown brush in New Smyrna Beach will make the property much more enjoyable. Hiring us to take on your Land clearing project in New Smyrna Beach is a fantastic way to improve your property and environment.

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