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Welcome to L.W. Outdoors LLC

At L.W. Outdoors, we wrangle overgrown brush to transform your property into pristine condition. In addition, we specialize in forestry mulching & brush clearing. Ultimately, we are your number one resource for a full range of bobcat services.

Located in New Smyrna Beach, Local owned and operated. We’re dedicated to providing the very best forestry mulching and bobcat services in the area. Furthermore, our company services extend further beyond bush hogging and brush clearing. Discover how our personalized yard grading and land clearing solutions are both timely and affordable. Call today to learn more.

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We are L.W. Outdoors.

Our service area covers Volusia, Flagler & North Brevard County.

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    Our Mission.

    At L.W. Outdoors, our core mission has always focused on customer satisfaction. Equally, from the initial conversation to project completion.

    Our strict standard of accountability drives our customer satisfaction. The personal referrals we receive are a remarkable testament to the quality of our work. For which we remain thankful and humble.

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    Our Services.

    L.W. Outdoors operates out of beautiful New Smyrna Beach. As a forestry mulching contractor, we also provide a range of bobcat services. Our service area covers Volusia County, Flagler County & North Brevard County. We service both commercial clients as well as residential customers.

    Suppose you're looking for a reliable brush clearing company to clear a vacant lot. Or you're searching for a grading contractor to grade your driveway. In any case, we are here to provide hassle-free bobcat services.

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    Licensed & Insured.


    Open Monday-Friday 8 A.M to 6 P.M

    We partner with private landowners to maintain the beauty of their forested properties. In particular, our land management services provide a range of solutions for large acreage lots. Comparatively, L.W. Outdoors helps our customers improve the intrinsic value of their property.

    Forestry Mulching Services.

    Our forestry mulching service utilizes a tried-and-true land clearing method. Correspondingly, our operators use a specialized attachment to cut, grind and clear vegetation. Significantly, our specialized forestry mulchers masticate trees up to 6" in diameter with ease.

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    Forestry Mowing Services.

    Forestry mowing is known as a cost-effective way of controlling and removing invasive species. Unlike traditional bulldozing, forestry mowing creates nutrient-rich mulch. It also eliminates the need to burn or haul off large piles of brush. In short, our specialized machines are capable of mulching trees up to 6 inches in diameter.

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    Bush Hogging Services.

    Bush hogging is a method of removing heavy brush to prepare the land for a variety of uses. Our powerful bush hog machines come equipped with more power than traditional mowers. In essence, no matter the terrain, thick grass, large weeds, and shrubs don't stand a chance.

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    Brush Clearing Services.

    Brush clearing can be a labor-intensive process to perform manually. Our machines provide a quick and hassle-free to clear overgrown brush. As such, our brush clearing prices are more affordable than most landowners may think. Whether you want to make room for new construction or remove unsightly overgrowth, schedule our environmentally friendly brush clearing service today!

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    Land Clearing Services.

    As a specialized contractor, we are proud to provide Land Clearing in New Smyrna Beach & the surrounding area. Not only does our land clearing service help improve your landscape's overall health. It may promote your well-being by minimizing allergy-producing brushes.

    Schedule ServiceLand Clearing in New Smyrna Beach

    While Florida is relatively flat, professional leveling and grading remain essential in construction. At L.W. Outdoors, we provide residential yard grading services and commercial land grading solutions. In fact, our in-house grading contractors are reliable and provide competitive grading costs.

    Land Leveling Services.

    Leveling the land and around your home is a delicate process. One that is better reserved for a professional land leveling company. In essence, we provide land leveling services for residential customers as well as commercial builders.

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    Yard Grading Services.

    There are many benefits to having proper yard grading and sloping. In short, it's crucial to ensure that surface water flows away from your home. Improper yard grading can allow water to pool around your foundation. Without correcting this problem, it can lead to potential issues in the future.

    Schedule ServiceYard Grading Costs

    Land Grading Services.

    Land grading service is an essential process when constructing a foundation. It is also a valuable service for our civil engineering customers. We provide land grading services before a road, or railway construction begins. General building contractors rely on us to prepare their sites before construction.

    Schedule ServiceLand Grading Costs

    Driveway Grading Services.

    What can our driveway grading contractors do for your driveway? In essence, driveways require grading every so often to keep them properly maintained. If you question the current condition of your driveway, call our experts today. We specialize in grading and graveling driveways to make them last.

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    At L.W. Outdoors, we're equipped to deliver a range of tractor & bobcat services. From bush hogging thick vegetation to light brush clearing. Altogether, we provide contractors and homeowners with fast, efficient, and versatile Bobcat & Tractor services. If your project requires clearing, grading, moving, or brush removal, you can rely on L.W. Outdoors to get the job done.

    Dirt Works.

    As a full-service bobcat service & tractor company, the experienced operators at L.W. Outdoors can tackle your next dirt works project. With this in mind, let our experienced bobcat operators handle all your dirt and rock work needs. For instance, residential, commercial, or industrial, we are the bobcat contractor you can trust.

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    Tractor Mowing Services.

    Maintaining a large property or field can be time-consuming. By the same token, we provide relief to our customers with our field mowing and pasture mowing services. Our vacant lot mowing and field mowing services are available all season. We offer property mowing services on a per-call basis or a seasonal monthly contract.

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    Rototilling Services.

    Rototilling is a great way to establish a garden or food plot quickly. Likewise, our tractors break up compacted soil without the need for shovels or spades. Get the job done faster and at a fraction of the cost. In short, we provide rototilling tractor services on a per-call basis for small gardens or several acres.

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    Landscape Installation Services.

    L.W. Outdoors delivers solutions for commercial or residential landscape projects. Together with our professional bobcat operators, we will make short work of your landscape installation project. Likewise, our efficient operation saves time and lowers costs for your landscape installation project.

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    Our Vision.

    Our company vision remains focused on being a leader in forestry mulching. Recognized for quality, we pay attention to detail and efficient delivery.

    We provide professional bobcat services for both commercial and residential customers.

    call us today:386-847-2791

    Why Choose UsWhat sets us apart.


    Our business operates like a well-oiled machine. The versatility of our equipment enhances our ability to provide a complete range of bobcat services. Likewise, we take pride in our machines and believe that proper maintenance is essential.

    We meticulously maintain our bobcat service equipment and tractor mowing fleet. As a result, we experience less equipment downtime. Correspondingly, we pass these savings onto our customers. Together, we enjoy lower operating costs, and our brush clearing pricing remains affordable.

    Family Owned & Operated

    Locally owned and operated, our small team of bobcat operators remains competitively agile. We maintain a strong dedication to customer service while providing value.

    Our bobcat service pricing remains affordable and beats out the competition. Let us tackle your next bush hogging & brush hogging project.

    L.W. Outdoors

    N Samsula Dr, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, USA